I saw this article in Wired Magazine about a laboratory that was making what they called Frankentrees; genetically altered poplar trees that have been engineered to take in more carbon dioxide and release more oxygen. That could be something that we as earthlings could benefit from, at least in my opinion. Our assignment for my class, Getting Paid to Draw with Mike Lowery, was to take an article we were inspired by and create an editorial illustration that supports the words. I started out creating some little sketches

I wanted to get the idea that the science was being looked at as being something crazy and against creation. It happens with many new ideas. So I chose Dr Frankenstein as a character for the narrative. But as I reread the article for a fourth time, I got the feeling that the original plan might not fit the tone of the piece, so I scrapped the idea and decided to put a tree in a test tube.

After I drew the image in pencil I scanned it and finished the line art and color in Affinity Photo. Love this program. Can’t recommend it enough. Hopefully my classmates and teacher will enjoy this product as much as I enjoyed the process of making it happen.

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