Hand Lettering Memories

At the moment I am in my studio going through some of my older work and seeing if I still have the inclination to work in old ways. Going through my bins and archives I found an old hard drive loaded with fodder for procrastination. After starting it up I started to find some very cool work that I almost forgot existed. Old flyers for really cool bands, paintings from my MFA program, and a lot of old shit.

What I really enjoyed about these projects was the freedom they allowed me in the creative process. I mixed all of my skills together to really show off what I could do. Hand lettering and digital collage used to be major parts of my process. I should try to generate some fresh work using these skills. 

I am a good designer. I have been using photoshop since 2000. I am a good illustrator. I should be a good salesman. Still learning that part.

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