I have ideas!

After the first week of Mike Lowery’s Getting Paid to Draw, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, but also a tiny bit more put together. Our first assignment was to make two different lists: things we are interested in and things that we know how to draw. I make lists of all of the things I plan on doing in the future and try my best to adhere to my guidelines as I make small amounts of progress; I was able to write these lists swiftly.

Once I completed these lists I fantasized about my dream client. Who would I like to work with when I grow up? My first choices would be the plethora of book publishers that I love, like Penguin, Scholastic, Harper Collins, but also some indie publishing companies as well. I think that my style lends itself to narrative storytelling more than any other category, but I can bend anything to fit my style of drawing. The final BONUS assignment was to draw something like a self portrait. 

I love working in pencil. Ticonderoga pencils are perhaps more important to me than the majority of my art supplies. I sharpen them until I reach the ferrule. after that, I remove the ferrule and super glue the last of the pencil to a new donor.  

There is so much emotion that can be put into a grey scale drawing. I love working in color, but there is a certain anxiety in choosing the proper color scheme for the story. I will start to get into using color more as the class continues. For now, back to the drawing board!

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