Icons for a Magazine

This week, in Mike Lowery’s Getting Paid to Draw, we worked on creating icons based on topics that interested us. Icons are smaller than spot illustrations, quick to knock out, and surprisingly satisfying to complete. My topic was Farts.

Farts are occasionally loud, sometimes smelly, but always funny to someone. It’s a fact. Anyway, I started with some rough sketches, which I forgot to photograph,

but after that, I scanned them in and started using Affinity Photo to manipulate their placement and add color. I like using Affinity Photo over Photoshop these days; it feels less clunky and more engaging. There is an amazing feature that I exploited during the process of creating this project: if you go to Filters>Colors>Erase White Paper, only your drawn lines will be present. Fantastic! Hope you laugh for a while. Ciao!

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