The ADC Shop

The past couple of months have been kind of stressful, but I am finally starting to put all the effort I can into making a name for myself using my personally honed art skills. If you have seen this website before you know that I have changed my portfolio many times, trying to focus my attention on one or two styles of working, editing out pieces that I am no longer happy with, and generally stressing about how to monetize my actions. As much as it is painful to learn this in my 40’s, making money from the stuff you create is necessary for maintaining a mentally and physically healthy life.

That being said, I have opened up a store here on the site called the The ADC Shop. In addition, I have some more of my work available, as well as prints and apparel, home goods and accessories up on my ebay site under the same shop name, The ADC Shop, and ArtPal Store, my Redbubble shop is where all of my designs spill over into various products,  and my imagekind site has plenty of artwork to hang in your home, 

I have tried my hand at selling for so long that I sometimes think I will never improve my sales, but I will continue to push for more. Wish me luck, and, hopefully, buy something that tickles your fancy.

Bye Bye for now. I will be writing more, now that I have a good idea of what I want to say.

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